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Too much love

Is there a thing as loving too much? Or caring too much about someone?

Could too much love or attention hurt someone rather than help them? In any relationship should love and attentions be measured? How much love is too little or too much?

Personally in my own life I am a strong lover. I love immensely, deeply and madly. I care so much for my love ones, especially my sisters they are my world. I’ve always thought that too much love when it comes to them can be a little toxic. Sometimes I know I can be a little too much to handle. I need to give them enough love, tough love and space as well.

My sister Jass is the perfect example of an expert at giving tough love. She literally gives everyone tough love especially me. She doesn’t sugar coat things and I admire her so much for that. She has taught me so much especially how to be a better person. Jasmine has the type of personality that you can only give her so much love before she gets annoyed or tells you not to touch her or especially hug her. She hates hugs. I love hugs I’m a huger and sometimes I’ll hug her just to piss her off LOL

My other sister is the complete opposite of Jass and myself. She is the baby, she loves attention and love. According to her she hates when we baby her, but honestly we all know how sensitive she is and if we don’t show her love she’s like “what am I, a roach?” She has such a funny humor and sass. She’s a little sassy version of me. I love to give her so many attentions and love, but I know spoiling her isn’t always best. She can be so loving when she gets her way and it makes me so happy when she comes around and shows me more affection than usual, but she can also be so sassy when she’s in a bad mood.

I feel like each person in a way can only handle so much love. whether it’s needed or desired. Love is like power, give someone too much power and it gets to their head. Love can be measured and honestly in my opinion it should only be given when deserved. Sometimes you give lots of love and attentions to someone who won’t truly appreciate it or acknowledge it. Love can be powerful, but can also be dreadful it can drain you and make you toxic when it has been given to the wrong people.

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5 Things you wish you knew before you got married.


1. Love is not ENOUGH to sustain a healthy marriage. Loving each other immensely is very important, but just love it self will not hold your marriage together. Marriage requires time, attention and love. Think of your marriage as a plant. Plants require nurture, water and sun. You can’t expect your plant to survive if you don’t give it the attention it needs.

2. The house is not self cleaning. Cleaning is something you both will either be good at or completely horrible at *inserts @ Husband name* LOL

My “Clean” is not my husbands “clean.” He has a whole different way of cleaning on his own which I personally like to call “Half ass cleaning.” Cleaning or getting used to a cleaning routine will definitely be difficult at first.

3. You won’t always agree. I’d be lying if I said my husband and I always agree and we’re always on the same page. We do agree on major decisions, but sometimes I disagree just for fun. Just kidding LOL

Not but seriously some times agreeing on certain things is difficult, but having good communication skills and listening to one another helps a lot.

4. It’s not just you anymore its US. Before I said  ” I do” Fr. Jaime made it very clear that we would become one. He honestly had a point there. Oscar and I have always had a very good communicative relationship, but now its on a whole new different level. Our love has grown and flourish so wonderful these past couple months. He is truly my soul mate and it excites me to think of all the wonderful things we will face together.

5. It has been worth it all. Marrying my husband has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. I honestly feel I won the lottery with this man. He is such an inspiration to me and all who know him. Oscar is such a kind hearted man. He loves to see the good in all, which is the complete opposite of myself. He completes me and I can’t imagine my life with out my husband.


I love you bear!

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Choosing love

Love over everything.

Decision making hasn’t always been my strength. I over think everything literally EVERYTHING, but I’ve made the decisions to choose love always.

These past few days I’ve had to make some changes and decisions in my life. I’ve been trying to remove myself from toxic situations and toxic people. I’ve been trying to surround myself more by loved ones and positive energy.

I’ve come to realize that God, my family and my husband are all I need. I don’t need anything more. I want to be happy and enjoy my love ones. I want to build memories I can look back on when I’m older. I want to live a life filled with love. Enormous amount of love and joy.

I know not everything will always be happiness in this world. There will be times where God will challenge me and things will make me doubt myself and my faith, but with God’s love I will rise to the occasion and with the love and care of my loved ones, I will flourish.

I will choose love always. I will let go of all that have hurt me, doubted me and betrayed me. I will no longer give into the hurt they’ve caused me before. I will forgive myself for allowing those to hurt me. I will choose love.