One year. . . Later

If I had to describe this whole year in just one word it would be LOVE.


We made it! We went a whole year without strangling each other. A whole year that literally flew by. I know this is just the beginning and I can’t wait for the rest of the years to come. Love deeply, deeply in love. Happy, blessed and excited. The amount of feelings I’m feeling is unbelievable.

First and foremost I want to thank my Lord for blessing us. For loving us and watching over this marriage. For watching over our love and passion for one another. Thank you to all our family and friends that have guided us and have given us nothing but love and wonderful advice this past year. We truly appreciate you all.


To my husband,

Thank you for your patience, companionship, and love. Thank you for the new adventures and situations we faced. Thank you for loving me unconditionally even though I didn’t cook every day and turned some of your clothes pink. Thank you for learning with me. Learning to love each more and embrace each other’s flaws. This year has been such a blessing. Not only did I learn to always remember to check for red or pinks in the white basket, but I also learned a new kind of love. The kind of love that has to be patient, kind and forgiving. The kind of love that hopefully will last a lifetime. Happy One Year Anniversary my love!

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Open letter to my sisters

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To my sisters,

I know this is probably something you guys will find super cheesy and whatnot, but I just want to show and express my love for you two. I know we see each other every other day but I truly do miss you guys and all the dumb shit you guys always do at home and at public places. Especially all those afternoons we would just sit around and do nothing but talk and eat. I love you rats!

I don’t say it enough, and I don’t think I ever possibly could, but I love you. You guys are my bests of friends. There is no one that will understand me like you guys. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky two have such great amazing somewhat loving sisters like you lol. I know at times I can be very persistent (bossy) but I think that’s an older sibling trait. I just want to see you succeed and never settle for less. I want you to always remember that you are one of a kind and know your worth. Know you are unique, intelligent, and loved very very loved. By myself, mom and dad and anyone that’s lucky enough to see what a wonderful person you are.

I wouldn’t trade you guys for the world. Unless student loans took sisters as a form of a full payment (kidding) LOL. You guys are my best friends and pretty much my only friends lol, but I don’t mind it. I’ve always preferred to keep my circle small and we’re as small as it can get. I love sharing all my joy and even my sadness with you. I love being able to just give you a call and know that if I need anything you are there without any hesitation. I don’t think I’ll ever have such reliable friends as Y’all.

During the course of this year, I learned so many great things. I’ve learned myself worth. I’ve learned I’m capable of pretty much anything if I discipline myself. I’ve learned especially that my family is the only most important thing in my life and without you guys, anything I have would have no value at all. I need my family. I love you guys. My little sisters are my true motivation. You guys are my motor and support system along with our parents and my amazing husband. I don’t know what I would do without you guys. I love you guys so much!