Thank you.

Thank you mami.

Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for your unconditional love. Thank you for the life lessons. Thank you for the amount of support you’ve given me as a mother and as a friend.

There would never be enough gifts, money, flowers and jewelry in the world I could give my mother to reward her and pay her back for everything she’s done for me. I’ve always admire my mom, but I think now that I’m older I admire her and understand her more.

My mother to me is such an inspiration. She has always given me love and support and everything else that I’ve ever needed. She has put myself and my siblings before her an anyone else. She has gone through difficult times in her life and has managed to be the best mother she’s always been. I thank god everyday for her and all she’s done.

As a person that works with mothers constantly I know the hard work and sacrifices they make everyday. My career has really allowed me to see what a mother deals with on a daily basis. What she does for her child and her family. The amount of love, support, and attention they give their children along with the responsibility of being a house wife or head of household is enormous amount of work.

I see my families in my case load and I see so much of the similarity in the moms that put in the work for their children and families and I can’t help but see my mother in them. My job has really allowed me to know what a mother should somewhat be like and what a mother truly faces on a day to day basis.

I have grown to love my mothers in my case load and I cannot thank them enough for allowing me in their lives and showing me what a mother does on a daily basis and also teaching me a whole lot about my own mother the struggles and the sacrifices she faced.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mommas. Especially a mi mami te quiero mucho mami chula.

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